Because I studied both English and Communication Studies in college, I have amassed a wide range of writing samples for you to browse. This page is a resource for major research papers, college newspaper articles, manuscript samples, and other works I  wrote or edited during my college career. Please feel free to browse my writing and get a feel for my writing style. Some of these essays were written when I was a freshman and others when I was a senior. At any rate, my writing style varies slightly with each work I have written.

For a concise portfolio of four samples of the writing highlighted in my resume, please click here.

Dorrance Publishing Company Internship Writing/Editing Samples
This manuscript was for a children’s picture book, so the sentence structure was simple and easy to edit. Many of the edits I made for the manuscript had more to do with correcting the format than actual grammatical errors.
Corscadden Manuscript

The Leaston manuscript was by far the most challenging work I edited during my internship. The grammar was poor, and in some sections, chapters were placed in the wrong order. It was very difficult work to weed out all the errors, but in the end the manuscript was much improved.
Leaston Manuscript

Although not as heavy as the Leaston work, the following manuscript was also rather slow-going. I completed this edit near the end of my internship.
St. Hilaire Manuscript

Here are links to several “About the Book” and “About the Author” back ads I wrote for other manuscripts I edited during my time at Dorrance.
Roski Back Ad
Smith Back Ad

College Research Essays
These links are broken into headings. You will see critical essays concerning various works of literature, communication research papers, Collegian articles and more.

Critical Literature Essays
Development of Worthiness in Sonnets from the Portuguese
The “Ghostly Heart” of Jay Gatsby
Co-Dependent Conflict in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Communication Research Papers
Self-Perceived Communication Competence among Homeschooled Students
Film Adaptation in the Context of Art as Emotion
The Genre of Romance in Modern Film
Persuasion in The Screwtape Letters

The final research paper I would like to post on this page has special significance. I wrote “Recovering Lost Heroism” for a Communication Studies class about Holocaust representations. After writing it, I spoke with my professor about presenting the paper at a conference, which I did in fall 2010. I wrote four drafts of the paper and spent a great amount of time researching, and each time I found more to add.
If you pass over every other writing sample on this page, please do not pass over this one:

The Revolt of Treblinka: Recovering the Lost Heroism of the Jewish People

Creative Fiction/Poetry
The Summoner of Avelar
Banjos and Daffodils
The Gavel
Let Anger Awaken
Sonnet – No Title

Collegian Articles
See Page Four
See Page One
See Page Two
See Bottom of Page One
See Bottom of Page Four


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