When I stepped onto the Grove City College campus in August 2007, I was filled with equal measures of excitement and nervousness. I had no idea what to expect from college. Nothing could have prepared me for the busy, wonderful, stressful lifestyle that I would have.

The education I have attained through my years here has been wholly unique. 
The academics at Grove City College are particularly challenging. However, the environment at the college fostered in me a love of knowledge and learning that both peers and professors display in the classroom.

Grove City College is an environment where students can passionately pursue the studies they desire. Students at Grove City do not simply want the credentials; they want an education that will serve them far beyond a B.A. or B.S. on their resume.

Grove City College is unique in other ways as well. The College administration places enormous emphasis on community. Students are strongly encouraged to make connections with professors as well as reach out into the community of Grove City through attending church and participating in outreaches.  The beautiful relationships I have formed here would not have been possible without this College.

Of course, classes are also an important part of my education. During my time at Grove City College, I I have attained knowledge in both the English and Communication Studies fields, giving me a unique perspective on the way communication, in particular written communication, has played its part in our society.

Both majors are very different, and each have offered me different ideas. In my English classes I have learned to think critically, develop an awareness of what makes writing excellent, and compose my thoughts in a clear, concise, grammatically accurate composition. I have gained a very broad understanding of the literature around the world that has influenced change and shaped ideas that are prevalent today.

In my Communication Studies classes, I have learned about the effects of mass media on the daily lives of Americans. I have learned about rhetorical effects of film, speeches, advertisements, and much more. I have developed my own definition of art, and I have learned how to write various types of media-related pieces. This knowledge is much more contemporary, and serves as an excellent supplement to everything I learned in my English classes.

Grove City College has also given me a very well-rounded education. Classes in every general area of humanities have prepared me for approaching publishing from varying angles.

Below is a list of all the classes I have taken in my four years of college, from freshman year to senior year. They are arranged by subject, with the year I took them marked in parentheses. I hope this list will provide you with an idea of how broad my education at Grove City College has been.

For an unofficial transcript, please click here.

English Classes:
British Literature Survey I (Fr)
British Literature Survey II (Fr)
Asian Literature (Fr)
African/Latin American Literature (Fr)
American Literature Survey I (So)
American Literature Survey II (So)
Literature and the Sacramental Tradition (So)
Fantasy Literature (Jr)
Grammar and the History of Language (Jr)
Romantic Literature (Jr)
Shakespeare II (Jr)
Creative Writing (Sr)

Communication Studies Classes:
Writing for the Media (Fr)
Journalism (Fr)
Public Speaking (So)
Research Methods (So)
Media Aesthetics (Jr)
Theories of Communication (Jr)
Freelancing (Jr)
Rhetorical Theory (Jr)
Representations of the Holocaust (Jr)
Persuasion Theory (Sr)
Media Ecology (Sr)
Mass Media and Society (Sr)
Intercultural Communication (Sr)

Humanities Classes:
Ancient Civilizations (Fr)
Biblical Revelations (Fr)
Speculative Mind (So)
Civilization and the Arts (So)
Civilization and Literature (Sr)
Modern Civilizations (Sr)

C.S. Lewis: The Apologist (Sr)
World Religions (Sr)
Modern European History (Sr)

Mathematics and Science Classes:
Fundamentals of the Universe – Physics (Fr)
Environmental Science (So)
Finite Math (Fr)
Pre-Calculus (Sr)
Foundations of Economics (Fr)


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