In spring 2011, I took a class that changed my life. The class was Representations of the Holocaust. For the class I was required to write a seven-page research essay analyzing a representation of the Holocaust. It could be a book, film, play, museum, or any other artifact directly related to the Holocaust.

I chose to research a book called Treblinka. The novel was written by Jean-Francois Steiner, the son of a French Jew who died in Auschwitz.  Treblinka, labeled a social realistic novel by critics, loosely follows the events of a revolt that occurred at Treblinka extermination camp. 

The book impacted me so deeply that I decided to progress a step further with my research. After four drafts, my seven page assignment had turned into a full-length, fifteen page research essay which I presented during a poster session at the Pennsylvania Communication Association conference in fall 2010. 

For the conference, I wrote a one-page handout summarizing the contents of the paper. My summary, along with the full-length research essay, are available for your perusal:


The Revolt of Treblinka: Recovering the Lost Heroism of the Jewish People


Below is an image of the poster. You may also download the poster for closer viewing.

 PCA Conference Poster























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