Since my Junior year of high school, I have spent every summer working at Long Point Camp in Penn Yan, NY. My first summer I joined the staff at LPC as a float counselor. This position required a great amount of flexibility, since I was with a different cabin each day. Occasionally I was pulled from duty to assist with other issues on camp. The position required me to be very assertive. Often, when crises arose with campers, I either had to address the problem or take over for the counselor so she could deal with the camper.

My second and third years at camp I was promoted to a position as a counselor. Primarily, I worked with nine to ten year olds each year. Although this position was more rigid than being a float counselor, I also assumed much more responsibility. My co-counselor and I walked the campers through their activities each day, planned and initiated creative ideas for programs during the evening, and facilitated Bible study discussions at night. Being a counselor was a tremendous challenge that frequently tested my patience, but by the end of my third year at camp, I learned to love working with the campers and adapting myself to the busy, exciting environment the camp offered.

My fourth summer at Long Point, I was offered an exciting position as the Waterfront Director. I accepted the job without question; I have always had a passion for the pool. Working at camp as the Waterfront Director was extremely different from being a counselor. I provided support for staff instead of caring for campers on a regular basis. I also had to embrace the leadership role of the position and ensure that the campers remained safe and the lifeguards remained alert and professional.

There were also a few administrative duties associated with the job. I had to keep a record of camper swim tests, compile and print check sheets that listed campers by cabin and swim test, keep a log of the pool chemical levels, and facilitate in-service training with the lifeguards.

My fifth summer at camp – my second as Waterfront Director – I decided to offer a lifeguarding class to staff members who were interested. It took a lot of planning and preparation, but eventually I certified five new lifeguards. The class was a wonderful experience that reinforced my own lifeguarding skills and allowed me to test the waters as an instructor.

Working at LPC the last five years has been the most gratifying experience of my life. I gained a wealth of knowledge in skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life, and camp has changed who I am forever.


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8 01 2016

This place is amazing !

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