During my time at Grove City College I completed two internsips. I learned much from each experience, and each organization I interned at was very different. Both internships, however, gave me invaluable skills and experience, and I will never forget what I learned.

Dorrance Publishing Company

 In spring 2010, I worked as an editorial intern at Dorrance Publishing Company in Pittsburgh, PA.  Below is a brief description of my duties as outlined by my internship supervisor.

The primary responsibilities of the editorial intern are to mechanically edit author manuscripts according to Chicago and write the back ad copy to appear on the back of the book. Mechanical editing involves correcting issues surrounding consistency of capitalization, spelling, and hyphenation; agreement of verbs and subjects; correct use of punctuation marks; and other grammatical details outlined in the style manual.

The intern is required to mechanically edit manuscripts using the “track changes” feature in Word and then submit a final file to the text coordinator. For our Dorrance authors, the intern is to then write the back ad copy (“about the book” and “about the author”), which is then placed on the author’s back cover.

The final responsibility of the intern is to review the manuscripts when we get them back from the author for approval. The intern is to then make sure any questions to the author were answered and the author did not add a significant amount of material to the manuscript.

Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation Intern
This internship involved duties that were less straightforward than my responsibilities at Dorrance Publishing Company. PHRF is a non-profit  organization that is seeking to  raise funding to build a  Holocaust Education Center in  Philadelphia. To the left is an  image of the site of the  building;  it will be located  directly behind the Monument  to Six Million Jewish Martyrs  on Benjamin Franklin  Parkway.

While at PHRF I assisted the  organization’s executive director in many different ways. I condensed and collated the contact information for various donors into concise Excel spreadsheets and alerted the board of directors about upcoming meetings.

Near the end of my two-week internship, I assisted in writing, editing, and distributing an e-newsletter to the organization’s board of directors, advisory committee, and donors. I worked with the executive director to comb through the letter and ensure it was written engagingly and entirely without grammatical errors. Then I was responsible for sending individualized emails to a large number of recipients.


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