Throughout my life, I have had many different roles. I have been a student, an intern, a camp staff member, and a student worker. The recommendation letters you will find below are a reflection of my ability to excel in every area of my life. Below each link is a brief quote from each letter which most adequately summarizes its contents.

Academic Recommendation Letter:
PDF File

“The quality of Tiffani’s work is simply extraordinary. Tiffani quickly emerged as the most outstanding writer in every class she has taken with me.”
– Dr. Jennifer Scott, Chair, Department of Communication Studies


Internship Recommendation Letter:
Word Document
PDF File

“I believe Tiffani Douglas would be an exceptional asset to any company. Her excellent grasp of the English language and obvious passion for learning are wonderful traits that can only help her succeed.”
– Sarah Quigley, Text Coordinator at Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Campus Safety Student Worker Recommendation Letter:
Word Document
PDF File

“It has been my experience that Tiffani is punctual and hard working, honest, demonstrates personal integrity, and strives to perform to the best of her ability.”
– Officer Marvin Lander, Student Security Manager at Grove City College

Long Point Camp Recommendation Letter:
PDF File

“Tiffani strived to do her best to manage her waterfront staff as well as interact with the campers who were in and outside of her immediate program area, making an impact on each child she came into contact with.”
– Brian Peabody, Camp Director at Long Point Camp


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