Welcome, Potential Employers!

30 08 2011

This website is a testament to everything I have worked hard  for. It is a tool to showcase the various talents, skills, and  experience I have acquired throughout my life, and especially  throughout my four years of college at Grove City College.  I  have known all my life that I am passionate about literature,  and I am excited to find that I am now ready to put that  passion to use in the professional world.

Displayed here you will find recommendation letters written by professors, past employers, and internship supervisors. These mentors have encouraged and supported my employment pursuits, and I owe them my gratitude for the success I have found in the working world.

You will also  find details about my job and internship experience. I have worked in a variety of positions–from summer camp Waterfront Director to office assistant to foot patrol worker. Throughout work and college, I have remained dedicated to my love of words and my desire to take advantage of my education.

I have also linked personal samples of works I have both written and edited on this website. Research essays from all four years of college are available, and I hope they will demonstrate my writing style to you. I have worked hard to focus on my skills as an editor, and the work I have done in college reflects that.

I am ready to convert my education into practice and enter the work force as an editor. It is my hope that the contents of this website accurately reflect my value.

Should you have any questions about the content of this website, or if you wish to contact me in any way, please feel free to use the comments tool below. Thank you for visiting!